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FIFA with two gangsters

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"Sorry. In my historical geology textbook there is Homininae the human subfamily and Hominidae the human family. And tbe superfamily Hominoidea which includes the other great apes and us. It's a little confusing."

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  1. Tojagor
    Tojagor10 months ago

    Look Again! NOTE the 73 plus percent Trump for that very county.

  2. Mezikus
    Mezikus10 months ago

    So you have read all of Mueller's unreleased indictments, have you?

  3. Знакомства
    Duzahn9 months ago

    I'm not going to climb into your propagandized mind with you P. Intelligent design was inspired when creationists arguments were declared unscientific by the supreme court and it's teaching was prohibited in schools. The problem is, their effort will not fare any better than creationism, it doesn't meet the very requirements of science, either. In the meantime they snipe whatever science they can take out of context. make biased conclusions, and twist data to make their arguments, and sometimes just lie. Their interest isn't science, it's proving their religion is literally true. I've been through this debate ad naseum, and it can be disassembled, but it takes tons of time, and I don't have any desire to waste it that way, at this point, and in the end, I'd never change your mind, and I know you can't change mine. The bottom line is there is no evidence god even exists, zip, nada, zilch, so it's a stupid argument that gets in real science's way. Until that changes, you can cherry pick science, distort what you want, make wrong assumptions based on faith and anything else you want to do, but it will make no difference to any thinking individual. I just get frustrated seeing people doing all those things. Science is a quest for real knowledge about a real world. It's not theology, and sometimes they get it wrong, but it's pretty much self corrective, and it's definitely the best hope for man's future on this planet. It's not some conspiracy to negate your beliefs, but you treat it like it is.

  4. Yozshuk
    Yozshuk9 months ago

    yeah same here

  5. Vozil
    Vozil9 months ago

    No, they go nowhere.

  6. Dit
    Dit9 months ago

    You know people best by their evil deeds, and not what they lie who they are...

  7. FIFA with two gangsters
    Dolabar9 months ago

    Just curious, what makes you think people have a lot of questions for you in particular ? And are you truly happy with who you are?

  8. Kazrat
    Kazrat8 months ago

    That's BS,where's the eye candy spanner.?????????????????? ??

  9. FIFA with two gangsters
    Kajir8 months ago

    But I?m asking you.

  10. FIFA with two gangsters
    Tojind8 months ago

    *I* say they do.

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